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 [DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application.

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[DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application. Empty
PostSubject: [DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application.   [DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application. EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 5:02 pm

In Character

1.1-Surname: Nick

1.2-Forname: Opel

1.3-Gender: Male

1.4-Age: 21

1.5-PhoneNumber: 5985


2.0-Do you own all licenses[if yes post SS]:No

2.1-Any medical problem? No

2.2-Have you ever served time in jail?[If yes ,how long?] No

2.3-Why do you want to join LSPD?I want to Help Stop Crime

2.3-What are your goals being police officer?[minimun 100 words] When I am a police officer I Will not break any rules what so ever. I Will be a good Police Offcier because I Have Expierence From On Another Server And I Know Right From Wrong as a Law Enforcer. I Will Do My Best to do my Duties For The Court of law. if I get this I Will Make Sure that the Server Real Gamers Role Play is a Safe And Fun place for everyone that Joins and is invited. I Will Do My Best Not to fail you

2.4-Why do you think we are going to accept you?[minimun 100 words] I Think that I'll be accepted Because I'm a TrustWorthy player And I Won't Do Anything agains't The Rules and laws Or This server. I Promise you That I Won't Screw up, Also You Should Accept me Because I Have been On sa-mp for a While and I Know How to Act And How to RP. You Can Trust me Because I Know What To Do and What Not to do As a Law Enforcer and I Will Act Out all of the Police Role Play The Way it's Supposed to be when the Time is right.
You Can Trust me.

2.4-Biography[minimun 120 words]: Up in Eastern Los Santos I Was Born, At The Age Of 15 My Dad Was Murdered By a Gang you would call Ballas. When I Was about 16 I saw The Los santos Police Department Was Recruiting So, I Stepped up To My Agame To Get in While in Highschool. At The Age of 18 I Met My Girl Friend Ramazan_Malice and She Was Doing the Same thing as me. at the age of 10 My Mom Died of Lung Cancer from The Power Plant She Lived By She Was a Very Healthy Women. At The Age Of 21 I Finished All I Wanted to Do for the Los Santos Police Department and Then I made an Application that I Was sitting at the edge of my Chair waiting Excited for it, Then Further on.

2.5-Current Job: detective

2.6-Any past expirience? Yes

Out Of Character

3.1-Name: Nick Pearson

3.2-Age 14

3.4-Geographical Location: Michigan

3.5-Timezone: Eastern Standard Time

3.6-Game Level: 5
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[DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application.   [DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application. EmptyFri Aug 10, 2012 5:15 pm

After reviewing your application, the FTO Department regrets to tell you that your application has been denied.

Reasons for denial are as follows,

- Your first paragraph didn't reach or exceed one hundred words.
- You should increase your writing skill, it makes others look at you more professionally.

Feel free to apply tomorrow, but DO NOT apply today again, or else we'll have to permanently deny you.

With best of regards,
Chief Malice.
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[DENIED] Los Santos Police Department Application.
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