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 [ACCEPTED] LSPD Application

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PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] LSPD Application EmptyTue Feb 14, 2012 1:27 pm

Name: Febz Crimson

Date of Birth: 1/2/1991

Sex/Gender: Male

Place of Birth: 1/3/1995

Phone Number: N/A

Current Address: Vine Wood

Do you have any current criminal record? If so, please list all crimes. No i am Good guy.

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: Will we can see i am a Pizza boy and
Body guard i have Driving skills

Why do you want to join LSPD? (125 Word Minimum):
I want to be a useful to comunity by catching criminals, I have a Good Shoter and I protect the city against the Gang or the Illegal user and I am a helper. Any time someone calls for help - at radio, for example - I stop what I'm doing to help. I could say I'm kinda crazy too, because I feel good when I Catch the illegal user... Think no one is sane enough these days. Oh, and I'm not sympathetic. Don't ask me to be it.

What skills, training, and/or services could you provide to the Department? (150 Word Minimum):

My Febz Crimson West im 28 years old, ex officer i was born in Las Venturous im a expert driver, i used to be on the police chase squad in LV but since the outbreak i fled as everyone did, i used to be married a Poor girl got her before i could save her so im starting a new life here
im a positive guy wont fail to make you laugh i garantee i suppose i just want this LSPD done with so that we can build a new reform and i can get back to my old job, but for now all i want to do is work ... and sitting around being freelance helping people out isnt working, im gaining no respect out of it, so i want to join your outfit and go up in the ranks so i can get my sence of self pride back ... im fast acting allways using the logical before voilence but i have a short temper, took my wife ... i want revenge but my time will come.

Biography (350 Word Minimum
Born in 1995 at san andreas bayside. While kid, worked at a fishing boat, because his family was very poor. He used to drive the ship at age 7, so he got some navegationg skill. Stoped working at age 10. Started achool at 6. But at the school his friend got shot by another student, so he had to medicate his friend himself, while waited the paramedics, he friend survived, the kid got arrested thanks to his denunciation. but his friend moved to other city. Gradueted at 20 years. When kid, loved to play bandit with paintball guns, and was the best of his group. Started driving a motorcycle at age 12,to deliver delivering paper, he started at 5:00 and needed to deliver all the from the whole neighborhood until 6:00. So he got some evasive driving skills. Took his drive license earlier at age 15. His mother got killed at his 16 birthday, while coming home with his gift, that was 9.000 dollars, to buy his first motorcycle. He got so mad, that decided to join LSPD, to fight for all the people, don't let someone lose a mother like it happend to him. He started career being a traffic guard. He got promoted twice and reached the normal police man. But in a operation, his friend Lou got shoted and died. He couldn't keep there anymore, with so many tragedies, so he moved for a new fresh start, so we tried to apply to the Los Santos Police Departament.

** -------------------------- **

Out Of Character:

Name: Febrando Salvaloza

Playtime in hours: 10 hours or 5 hours

Origin: Philippines

Age: 17

Timezone: 4:6

When did you join R:RP?: RLRP

List Previous Factions/Familes - Ranks: None

Can you provide an example of your Role Play: You meet someone that have never roleplayed before and you have to explain to him. Write here what you would have said to the newbie about roleplaying and roleplaying matter(s): First i would teach him what roleplay,MG,PG,BH and those things mean,than i will start to teach him commands,chats about that server and everything that he must know.

Can you speak English Fluently?: Yes.

Do you have TeamSpeak 3?: Yes.

Do you have a working microphone and are you prepared to use it?: Yeah.

Screenshot of Stats (F8 While In-Game, upload to None sorry
Photo Here

Do you have any Alternate Accounts? If so, please state their names: no sir.
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[ACCEPTED] LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] LSPD Application EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 12:40 am

After reviewing your application, the FTO Department is happy to tell you that your application has been

accepted! Now, come into the Los Santos Police Department building and an officer will be there to test you for your knowledge.


- In that time, review the communication codes.
- We also suggest you revise the handbook.


We hope to see you on the force soon,
FTO Chief Malice

((Giving him the official stamp of approval))
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[ACCEPTED] LSPD Application
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