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 [DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD

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[DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD Empty
PostSubject: [DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD   [DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD EmptyTue Nov 29, 2011 6:41 pm







2.0-Do you own all licenses[if yes post SS]:ss

2.1-Any medical problem?no

2.2-Have you ever served time in jail?[If yes ,how long?]yes two times polices mistaik

2.3-Why do you want to join LSPD?becouse I like police and I want to arrest evry criminal In LS.

2.3-What are your goals being police officer?[minimun 100 words]I will all the criminals in the LS and beyond. All will have to play by the rules. will be no drug dealers, arms dealers and criminals will not be a writing tickets every wrong parked car

2.4-Why do you think we are going to accept you?[minimun 100 words]I'm strict, I love to do everything by law, will not be crime in the cities, aaslusaću all orders and will try to become the best in the business. there are not many police officers in Ls and most are not doing all the duties and most of them are breaking the law

2.4-Biography[minimun 120 words]:I was born to the Kraljevo. I live with my father, mother and brother. I have black hair and brown eyes. 176cm tall I like to listen to all music, I love the army and my dream is to work for the military I finished elementary school here in the Kraljevu. I plan to live in Cacak, and that he finish high school and live with my current girlfriend who is planning to marry me

2.5-Current Job:SAASA bud I dont like it so much

2.6-Any past expirience?yes in SASD

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[DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD Empty
PostSubject: Re: [DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD   [DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 12:25 am

After reviewing your application, the FTO Department regrets to tell you that your application has been denied.

Reasons for denial are as follows,

- Officially being denied.

Feel free to apply again in one week, but DO NOT apply in less than that, or else we'll have to permanently deny you.

With best of regards,
FTO Chief Malice
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[DENIED] I wanna get in LSPD
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