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 [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application

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[ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application EmptyWed Nov 02, 2011 6:39 am

In Character

1.1-Surname: Michaels

1.2-Forname: Alex

1.3-Gender: Male

1.4-Age: 26

1.5-PhoneNumber: 8326


2.0-Do you own all licenses[if yes post SS]: [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Sa-mp-040

2.1-Any medical problem? No

2.2-Have you ever served time in jail?[If yes ,how long?] No

2.3-Why do you want to join LSPD? I wish to help enforce the law. Ever since I was young I wanted to be an officer, and I have never been happy in any other job.

2.3-What are your goals being police officer?[minimun 100 words]
My goals on being a Los Santos police officer are to serve with no prejudice or bias, to enforce the law and serve the community fairly ensuring everyone can be safe no matter skin color or social status. I wish to reduce the crime in Los Santos so the city can be safe for all citizens. I would like to eventually become Chief and lead the Police and personally oversee training so that every officer is prepared for the worst before it happens. I would like to ensure that all suspects are, even though they have violated the law, given their rights outlined in the Constitution and treated fairly.

2.4-Why do you think we are going to accept you?[minimun 100 words]
I have years of experience in the Liberty City police. I worked traffic for 4 years, patrolling the streets sometimes on foot, sometimes in a vehicle. Often times, I would find myself in a situation where I could use backup, but none was available. I am able to think on my feet and apply proper use of force. I have a thorough knowledge of the law and proper procedure. I spent 1 year working the Air Support unit and have aided in numerous arrests where the suspect fled into a wooded area. I have been trained in advanced life support and spent a little bit of time training with the Emergency Services Unit (LC equivalent of SWAT).

2.4-Biography[minimun 250 words]:
Alex Michaels was born in Liberty City in June of 1985. Ever since he was only a small child he knew he wanted to be a police officer. However, in his teenage years his family fell on hard times and his mother didn’t want him to join the police, fearing that he would get killed and she would have no one to help her. He got a job working construction for 2 years, and then worked several other jobs over the next year or so. After his mother found a good job, she allowed him to join the Liberty City police. He passed the academy and was put out in the field, where he did well. He was talking to a fellow officer, talking about recreational flying when he mentioned he had his pilot license and spent time flying helicopters and was then offered a position in the Air Support unit. After spending a total of 5 years in the police he decided to move to Los Santos. He was unable to get a good job and settled with a job as a bartender. He decided then to get a job with the local police department.

2.5-Current Job: Bartender

2.6-Any past expirience? I worked with the Liberty City Police for 5 years and served on their Air Support Unit for 1 year.

Out Of Character

3.1-Name: Harrison

3.2-Age 20

3.4-Geographical Location: Texas, USA

3.5-Timezone: Central

3.6-Game Level: 10
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[ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application EmptyThu Nov 03, 2011 8:02 pm

((I am sorry for the delay in checking this application. Your application will be reviewed within 24 hour by chief of LSPD, if not i will take care of your application ))
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[ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 6:46 am

Your application have been :

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[ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application   [ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application Empty

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[ACCEPTED] Alex Michaels LSPD Application
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