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 Bangcot Johnny's SASD Application

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PostSubject: Bangcot Johnny's SASD Application   Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:54 pm


((IC Section))
1.1 - First Name:

1.2 - Last Name:

1.3 - Date of Birth (DOB):

1.4 - Place of Birth:
San Fierro

1.5 - Gender:

1.6 - Phone Number:

1.7 - Have you ever commited a crime? ( Yes or No )

1.8 - If so, what was it?
Answer here

1.9 - Have you ever been sent to Jail? ( Yes or No )
1.10 - Do you have a full driving license of Los Santos? ( Yes or No )

1.11 - Why do you want to become a Officer?
Because I see the roads to my hometown, San Fierro I have to go to the county roads
just to arrive in my childhood city. And I can see the roads as not really a safe road for

1.12 - Life Biography (Minimum 150 words)
I was just a child in SF and never dreamed anything but just to be rich in an instant, but
I know thats just obviously impossible to do. So I tried to do some dirty jobs like being
a car mechanic, a mailman and a bartender. But for him its not really that good of such a
big income. So from all the money he earned from work, he studied a law course and tries
to serve the city and the government. He strived hard, had good grades and never stopped
himself from reaching his goal on being a Sheriff Chief of the County Road Law Department.
So when he graduated from school. He went from some months of another self training for
him to be much more experienced person just to be qualified to the team.. He practiced his
charisma, artistic IQs for any serious situtation, his driving and hit shooting using airsoft toys.
And by the time he was ready, he prayed a lot to increase his luck to be accepted to the team.
And finally, he decided to get up, take his keys, drive his car and went to the SASD department
building to the recruitment office to finally take this oppurtunity
[SIZE="3"](( Out Of Character ))[/SIZE]

2.0 - Name
John Patrick Bangcot

2.1 - Age

2.2 - Country

2.3 - Timezone (GMT --)

2.4 - In-game level & Playing hours
In weekdays I go on for like 2 hours, but for weekends I go on for like 6-10 hours

2.5 - How long have you been playing on the LSS-RP Community?

2.6 - Picture of your Stats
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2012-02-02
Location : Somwhere under the rainbow (Philippines)

PostSubject: Re: Bangcot Johnny's SASD Application   Sat Feb 11, 2012 1:43 am

(( Sorry to bother u guys but I'm canceling this application (reason: Changes of mind, gonna make a family) So this application is going to be CLOSED ))
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Bangcot Johnny's SASD Application
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