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 Server Rules

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Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 12:35 pm

Server Rules

1. Basics
1.1 You must be In Character ( later IC ), atleast 70% of whole playing time
1.2 Do not hire anyone to any state faction without application on forum
1.3 As Owner/Chief of faction, you must be 90% IC
1.4 You are allowed to be Out Of Character ( later OOC ) only, if admin/mod interrupts you

2. Scenes
2.1 Try to keep Role play ( later RP ) scene as long as you can
2.2 Never interupt RP scene by pressing Esc or Alt+TAB aka AFK
2.3 If your health goes low start to RP that you dieing
2.4 If you have more than 2 players around, never stop be IC
2.5 When you don't use /me /act or other IC chat for more than 45 seconds counts as refuse to RP

3. Metagaming
3.1 Do not mix OOC and IC
3.2 Do not ask in /global ( later /g ) IC things, like who need gun or who wants to join a gang
3.3 Do not ask in /n or /pm IC things, like who need gun or who wants to join a gang

4. Powergaming
4.1 Do not RP without /me and /act cmd involved
4.2 Do not force anynone to start RP
4.3 Do not do unrealistic things like lift a car up or break a car window with your fist
4.4 Do not revenge kill, it means dont kill someone only because he killed you.

5. Gameplay
5.1 Do not do things only because you can do that in San Andreas
5.2 Do not jump with bycicle by pressing CTRL ( bunny-hop )
5.3 Do not jump on foot to get forward faster ( bunny-hop )
5.4 Don not jump from high building without RP involved
5.5 Do not die non-RPly always try to call for medics
5.6 Do not use Vending machines
5.7 Do not drive fast with bycicles by pressing W rapidly
5.8 Do not jump out from vehicles without RP involved
5.9 Do not walk around fully equiped with full armoury ( Weapons )
5.10 Do not use San Andreas bugs ( C-bug )
5.11 You are allowed to be afk, only in your properties ( House / Motel )
5.12 Its forbiden to use /park command, when your car is about to blow up, abuse it and it will end up by clearing that car from your stats

6. Respect admins
6.1 Never ask admin to TP you, unless you are fully sure that you are there because of bug
6.2 Do not ask to become admin/moderator
6.3 Do not ask for admin to use his powers for your own benefits
6.4 Never run away or /quit if admin talk to you, admin will say when he done with talking
6.5 Never discuss about admins decisions in public chats, do not flame admins
6.6 Do not pm admins with questions, use /helpme. Do not ask to ask, just state your question!
6.7 For false admin/moderator report you get warning, which is 1 step closer to ban, after 3 warnings, you get perm banned

7. Language & Chat
7.1 You are allowed to use only English language in any chat ( except /pm )
7.2 Do not use hard language
7.3 Do not spam chats
7.4 Do not advertise IC things in OOC chat
7.5 Do not use smileys or shortcuts(lol,rofl,k,thx,bb) in IC chats.

8. Cheating & Modding
8.1 Any type of cheating is forbbiden
8.2 Use San Andreas mods ONLY accepted by admins, before you want use some, contact admin
8.3 use /report for reporting rule breakers

9. Multi accounts
9.1 Max allowed accounts per IP: 2
9.2 You are not allowed to lead two factions.

10. Rape/kidnap
10.1 Since rape is a sensitive topic and is psychotic and have no positive outcome for both party's rape is only allowed by a OOC agreement by both sides.
10.2 Kidnapping/raping a level 1 or level 2 player is forbidden because they are new and they have to learn.

11. Spam
11.1 Do not spam in any chat.
11.2 Do not abuse /report or /helpme.
11.3 Do not spam commands.

12. Money-harvesting (transferring money from new accounts to your own account)
12.1 This is strictly forbidden, failure to follow this rule will get your account locked.

13. Deathmatch
13.1 Do not kill anyone without a proper RP reason. Killing someone for calling you idiot is stupid and will get you admin-jailed.
13.2 Constant deathmatching will end up you getting banned.
13.3 Bomb can be used only for RP, nonRP bomb usage will end up as ban

14. Character mixing
14.1 Do not mix many characters in one, example, dont be street racer, if you are in mafia etc.
14.2 Do not jump from one faction to other each second day.
14.3 Do not mix different race in the /outfit

15. Scamming & Robbing
15.1 You are not allowed to scam or rob level 1 and 2 players.
15.2 IC Scamming and robbing is allowed. Scam 40 000.- and Rob 10 000.-. Going over the limits or not agreeing to pay all your money will end up with punishments.
15.3 OOC Scamming is not allowed, this is strictly forbidden.
15.4 Sell some property ( Company,business,house,garage ) to gain profit is forbiden

16. Character Kill & Player Kill
16.1 Player Kill = this can be done player to player. There have to be serious reasons behind it: aka knock on your gang, betray them. When a player is PKed he loses his car, house, name, memory, business, faction. All he can keep is level and money. Player Kill has to be roleplayed very detailed or it will be ignored.
Selfkill aka self-PK can be done by players own choice.
16.2 Character Kill = this can be done only by admins. Character kill basically deletes your account, meaning admins will delete your useracc OR prison you for 9999 minutes. With CK you lose it all.
CK can occur when:
a) You decide to RP that you die when PD/FBI or any other force captures you.
b) You are sent into federal prison for life by judge.
16.3 CK & PK have to be supervised by a level 6 admin.

17. Evading Police/any other force
17.1 Water evading is not allowed: this means driving/running to water then trying to swim away.
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Server Rules
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