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 DoC Restrictions etc

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PostSubject: DoC Restrictions etc   DoC Restrictions etc EmptyTue Dec 18, 2012 8:46 am

[D.O.C] Department Of Corrections

The Department Of Corrections , is a Prison Security Group who looks after and enforces in mates and lets them go places RP'ly Like walk around the cell block area's.

Los Santos Police Department Will take a suspect in and they will use /d to call DoC to take the suspect into prison , there is a /docarrest location the DoC will take the suspect from the LSPD and take them to the arrest location .

DoC Cadets: Cadets can go on "Gate Duty" - Gate Duty is where they stand on one of two of the guard towers that are located outside DoC HQ , they stand there and when ever someone is there to see another in mate they guard will ask them for there ID and it is up to the Cadet
wheather they are aloud to enter the HQ , and also if a fellow DoC Member is coming in the Cadet will open the gate for them , even if they are in a DoC Cruiser they still have to ask for there ID before they enter.

DoC Officer: Officers Can go on "Gate Duty" and "Block Duty" - Block Duty is where they stand in the Blocks where all the cell members are and send people into there cells , let people out and control members , They are the ones who keeps the inside in mates calm and in order , stops them fighting and having fights break out.

DoC Lieutenant: Lieutenants are aloud to go on "Gate Duty" , "Block Duty" and "Patrolling" - DoC Lieutenants are not aloud to enter in LSPD Police Chances , they are aloud to assist them AFTER the Chase if over and the suspect is in custordy , and they aloud to take the suspect from the seen to the Prison .

DoC Commander: Commander's Are aloud to go on "Gate Duty" , "Block Duty" , "Patrolling" Commanders are aloud to enter in Police Chases and take them from the seen to the HQ /

DoC Sheriff: Sheriff's Are aloud to go on "Gate Duty" , "Block Duty" , "Patrolling" and enter into Police Chases, the Sheriff is aloud to kick anyone ranked member out the the Department If they don't follow orders from a higher ranked Officer .

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DoC Restrictions etc
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