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 Police Vehicles

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Police Department Vehicles

The police department has several unique and special vehicles. Below each and every vehicles will have a vehicle description, purpose, and regulations.
Read carefully.

Los Santos Police Cruiser

The standard LSPD Police Cruiser is the most used vehicle within the department. Take note of its vehicle shape and size, it can hit max speeds of up to one-hundred and sixty miles per hour. Ideal car for control and pursuit. Equipped with sirens and a mobile data computer. Officers and above have access to this car.

San Andreas Ranger

The Police Ranger is a vehicle used in more rural terrain, or off road terrain. Introduced not long ago, this vehicle can hit very high speeds for its size, up to one hundred and fifty miles. Equipped with sirens and a mobile data computer. R7+ and above have access to this car.

MPS Towtruck

he towtruck, often just referred to as MPS, is an important vehicle within the department that can be used by anybody at anytime. While using it you are permitted to ticket and impound vehicles, as long as procedure is followed.

San Andreas Police Maverick

The San Andreas Police Maverick is a special vehicle reserved for airborne patrol only. This helicopter is used mainly for aerial support in perhaps, keeping track of a suspect in a vehicle.
Equipped with a large headlight capable of reaching the ground and a mobile data computer. R7+ and above have access to this helicopter with premission.

SWAT Enforcer

The Enforcer is a big heavy armoured vehicle that is mostly used for transporting dangerous criminals or VIPs. In bomb threat situations it is called out to transport the bomb if it can't be disarmed in time.

San Andreas Police Motorbike

The San Andreas Police HPV1000 bike is a supporting vehicle used to follow more agile vehicles such as slower and smaller vehicles, or other bikes. Extremely agile and moderately fast. Equipped with sirens and a miniature touch screen mobile data computer. Detectives and above have access to the bike.
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Police Vehicles
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