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 LSPD Commands.

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LSPD Commands. Empty
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LSPD Commands. N3ryn7

Patrol Officer Information

Firstly, and most importantly, when you spawn make sure you go to the locker room at the pd and go on duty. Type /gear and click on duty, and then type it again and get your weapons from the armory section of the menu.

Radio Chat

This is used to speak with the other members of the LSPD. This is meant to stay IC as often as possible.

[b]Department Chat

Similar to the "/r" command, this is used to not only communicate with fellow LSPD Officers, but also communicate with members of the other factions (FBI, LSFMD, and NG). Just like the radio chat, this is meant to stay IC, but the difference between "/d" and "/r" chat is that there will be no OOC chat in "/d". If a high command notices you speak OOC in "/d" then you will get in serious trouble.


The megaphone allows you to instruct citizens from a farther distance than "/s". The megaphone can only be used in government vehicles. Binds for megaphones are allowed, but are to be kept to no longer than two lines.

Wanted List

The wanted list shows the current wanted suspects. It will display their name along with how many warrants they have.

Mobile Data Computer

The Mobile Data Computer will list a suspects crimes (though, for the most part, unfortunately, this is not the case). This should be used after you have received a suspects identification.

Gate Control

type /go
This is used to control both gates to the garage of the PD. Once you've opened a gate, pass through it, and then close it immediately to ensure that no one trespasses into the garage. Please look behind you before closing the gate, however, to ensure that there isn't a government vehicle right behind you. If there is, just move on and let them close the gate. Also, do not abuse the gate control at any time or you may risk possible infractions.

Suspect System

This command is the backbone of the police department and is never to be abused. The suspecting system allows you to place warrants for committing crimes on a suspect, so that you can subsequently arrest them. You are NOT allowed, at any point in time, to place metagamed warrants on anyone. If you are caught doing so, you risk major infraction strikes and possible suspension time.

When suspecting a person, ensure that you have some form of identification from that person. For the most part, the person will show you their license, however, this is not always the case. If they refuse to show you any form of identification, you are allowed to RP some way of finding out their name and information (fingerprint scan, DNA test, etc.).


This is how you can ticket individuals for smaller crimes. Generally, you should only ticket suspects if they've only committed one crime, or otherwise, a series of small crimes. Prices should stay low, never exceeding $10,000. Also, please keep in mind that you do need the suspects name before you are allowed to ticket them.


Arresting suspects can be done at either the star that appears near the back of the garage or on the roof of the PD. Please keep in mind that you can only arrest suspects if they have warrants for their arrest (they have at least one "/su" to their name).


Frisking suspects allows you to view what items they have on them. Such items that may come up include: Crack, Materials, and Weapons (MP5, Desert Eagle, etc.). When frisking someone, always put on a pair of gloves prior to using the command. It is imperative that you do so.


The tazer is probably your most important tool as a police officer. This should never be abused. When you take out the tazer, you somply aim it and shoot it at someone then it tazes them for a total of eight seconds. Keep in mind, you cannot taze other people in the LSPD/FBI/NG. The golden rule about the tazer is that if the suspect has a gun out AT ALL, the tazer is off-limits. This is to avoid any possible "rushtazing" situations. Also, prior to tazing someone, please use something along the lines of "/me pulls out a stungun and aims it at the suspect". This is to ensure that the taze was properly RPed.

Cuffing Suspects

Cuffing suspects allows you to put them in your custody. You can only cuff a suspect if they've either been tazed or if they have their hands up (using the /handsup command). Cuffs do break after four minutes of initially being cuffed, so keep a watch on your time.

Detaining Suspects

Detaining suspects allows you to place them in your car. To RP a detain correctly, position your car so that the suspect is next to the door that you will be detaining them to, otherwise, a simple "/me grabs the suspect by the collar of their shirt" should suffice. The seat IDs are as follows: 1 - Passenger seat, 2 - Rear driver-side seat, and 3 - Rear passenger-side seat.

Deploying Roadspikes

Deploying roadspikes allows you to setup a simple roadspike to flatten all of a vehicles tires, also a large amount of spikes can be deployed at once. When a vehicle hits the roadspike, their car will instantly have all of its tires flattened.

Destroying Roadspikes

/destroyspikes [ID]
Destroying roadspikes allows you to remove a roadspike, so long as you're right next to it, or all of them at once.
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LSPD Commands.
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