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 Forum Rules

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Executive Adminstrator

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:34 pm

Forum Rules

1. Pictures & Videos
1.1 Avatar max allowed size 100x100 px
1.2 Signature max allowed size 500x200 px ( Whole signature )
1.3 One video per post or 16 thumbnails.
1.4 Headers for posts max allowed size 600x400
1.5 Do not quote posts with multi-media

2. Posts & Threads
2.1 Don't make new thread if there already exists some with same theme
2.2 Dont post direct-link to software download, use link to homepage
2.3 Do not insult anynone on forum
2.4 Do not post only to get more posts
2.5 Do not spam

3. Why your post missing
3.1 If its contains illegal information
3.2 Posted unneeded information
3.3 Spam
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Forum Rules
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